SEXUAL Lubricant Database


Forensic Working Group for Forensic Lubricant Analysis

Mission: Promotion and advancement of forensic lubricant analysis for operational use.

FWG Goals:

  1. Promote the inclusion of forensic lubricant analysis in operational forensic laboratories
  2. Validate the Sexual Lubricant Database
  3. Determine the evidentiary strength of lubricant bases (i.e. PDMS, PEG, etc.) in sexual assault cases
  4. Develop standard analytical protocols for lubricant analysis

Current Members:

  1. Candice Bridge, National Center for Forensic Science
  2. Brooke Baumgarten, University of Central Florida
  3. Sally Coulson, ESR New Zealand
  4. Mark Maric, National Center for Forensic Science
  5. Janelle Newman, Midwest Research Institute Global
  6. Santana Thomas, National Center for Forensic Science


Sexaul Assault Lubricant Survey

To learn more about the the Sexual Assault Lubricant survey, please click this link for detailed invitation letter to the community.
To take the survey, please click this link. The survey should take 5-10 minutes.