National Center for Forensic Science
  • Faculty Spotlight

    Faculty Spotlight

    Dr. Baudelet's research extracts atomic mass and optical emission data for analysis of glass, bone, and hair evidence. Read More

  •  Welcome to NCFS

    NCFS's Mission: "Provide relevant and responsive forensic science research and operational support to the Criminal Justice Community"

  • Physical Evidence

    Physical Evidence at NCFS conducts research in the analysis of ignitable liquids, explosives, fiber evidence, glass, etc.

  • Biological Evidence

    Biological evidence at NCFS focuses on conducting pure and applied research in forensic molecular genetics/biochemistry.

  • About NCFS

    About NCFS

    The National Center for Forensic Science was established in 1997. Read More

NCFS Celebrates 20 Years

March 17, 2017 marked our 20th anniversary!  Learn more about the past, present, and future of NCFS from our Twentieth Anniversary Publication.

Continuous Enrollment now Available!

Our Basic Fire Debris Analysis online course is now available on your schedule. Register now and receive access to the course as soon as payment is processed.