SEXUAL Lubricant Database


Database Help Information

Enlarging Images Images can be enlarged by right clicking on image and click "save image" or "open in new tab"
Search Database This page allows the user to search through the sample list by any of the search options provided with AND/OR functions. A shortsearch explaination is also provided.
Sample Preparation This page provides the user with the sample preparation associated with the lubricant analysis for each instrument for user replication.
Instrumental Parameters This page provides the user with the optimized instrumental parameters used for this study associated with each instrument for user replication.
Publications This page provides the user with all the current up-to-date articles associated with sexual assualt lubricant research.
Classification Home This page provides the user with class information determined by laboratory analysis.
Contacts This page provides the user with information about how to contact NCFS. 
Main Record This page provides manufacturing information, as well as a table comparing marketing ingredients provided by the manufacturer in comparrison to the chemical components found through research analysis. The instrument associated with the chemical component results is also provided. 


Term Abbreviations
Lubricant/Condom directly from package Neat
Measured Mass Meas. Mass
Theoretical Mass Theo. Mass
Milimass Units mmu
Relative Intensity RI
Retention Time RT
Internal Standard IS