SEXUAL Lubricant Database

National Center for Forensic Science Sexual Assault Lubricant Database



The Sexual Lubricant Database is a compliation of reference lubricants, characterization data, instrumental data and classification models that assist forensic scientists to conduct lubricant analysis in sexual assault cases. This database includes lubricants encountered in sexual assaults investigation.

This database was developed by the National Center for Forensic Science and validated by the International Forensic Lubricant Working Group. It is hosted by the National Center for Forensic Science at the University of Central Florida.

This database is intended to be a reference and resource for the forensic lubricant community to provide a methodology of analyzing and classifying unknown lubricants collected in sexual assault kits. For inquiries about the data, instrumental methods, or classification schemes, please contact NCFS at

To cite the database use the following: Sexual Lubricant Database [online]. National Center for Forensic Science, University of Central Florida, Available from:




We do our best to provide a high quality database of sexual lubricants. However, our database, like many others, is not without errors and we make no warranties if a mistake has been observed. If you find a new error please inform us via email at

This database is free of charge to the community and all access is recorded. It is prohibited to use any information for profit or commercial use without obtaining permission from us. If there are samples that you wish to be included in this database, please contact us and we will try to add it to the database.



We also request that when you use the data from the SLD in your publication or presentation, please acknowledge this database as follows:
Sexual Lubricant Database: (National Center for Forensic Science, [date of access])



The development of this database was funded by the National Institute of Justice, Grant No.: 2016-NE-BX-0001.

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