How is the National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS) related to the University of Central Florida (UCF)?

The NCFS is one of 12 research centers at the UCF.

How do I get more information about the Forensic Science program at University of Central Florida?

For an overview of Undergraduate Degree Requirements see the Undergraduate Catalog. Degree requirements may change from year to year. To insure that you are receiving accurate information, please choose your appropriate catalog year, then look up your degree requirements.

The Forensic Science program is housed in the Chemistry Department.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Forensic Science or Graduate Forensic Science websites.

Does NCFS have an internship program?

The National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS) is a research oriented center, which doesn’t function as a crime laboratory.  Internships at NCFS are based on the current research needs of its faculty members.  Each faculty member has his or her own internship requirements and policies.   Please contact Dr. Jack Ballantyne, Dr. Matthieu Baudelet, Dr. Candice Bridge, Dr. Michael Sigman, or Dr. Larry Tang directly for internship availability and requirements.

Does NCFS give tours of its facilities?

For the public, the National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS) provides a virtual tour of its facilities along with a description of the research performed at NCFS on our social media platform: YouTube.  As a research center at the University of Central Florida access to our facilities is limited due to safety and security considerations.

Which NCFS address do I use?

If you are mailing a letter or small package via the United States Postal Service use the mailing address.  For shipping packages via UPS or FedEx use the physical address. Click Here for NCFS addresses.

What is a secondary joint appointment?

An appointment of a faculty or staff member to an unpaid position in a secondary unit or units so that the person is participating in the teaching, research, and/or graduate supervision responsibilities of more than one unit.

Are there employment opportunities at NCFS?

Employment opportunities are posted here.