Forensic Science at UCF

Department of Chemistry

Forensic Science B.S.

The mission of the Forensic Science Undergraduate Program at UCF is to provide a high-quality and well-rounded experience for its students that will allow them to compete for positions in forensic science and/or to prepare them for education at the graduate level.  There are two tracks offered:

The Chemistry track provides students with the mathemats, chemistry, physics, and forensic science education to work within a multitude of forensic science disciplines.

The Biochemistry track provides students with the mathemats, chemistry, biology, physics, and forensic science education to work within the DNA discipline.

Forensic Science M.S.

The Forensic Science Master Program is designed to serve the forensic science community by providing highly trained researchers and analysts to fill leadership roles within the discipline and to generate new knowledge through research, which leads to advances in the application of science to matters of law.  There are three concentrations offered:

The Forensic Analysis concentration focuses on improving methods of individualizing physical evidence of a non-biological nature. Studies emphasize the application of modern chromatographic, spectrometric, spectroscopic, and micro-analytical techniques to problems in forensic science.

The Forensic Biochemistry concentration has a strong biochemistry-DNA focus to serve the needs of supervisory personnel in DNA sections of crime laboratories. National DNA standards mandate that such personnel have advanced degrees.

The Forensic Professional concentration is offered on-line and is designed for forensic scientists working in crime laboratories to further their education.

Chemistry Ph.D.

The Chemistry Ph.D. Program provides doctoral training in many areas within the chemical sciences.  One of the focal areas is Forensic Science where the purpose is to develop scientists capable of conducting research to solve important problems and educate future scientists within the field of Forensic Science.




Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

The Ph.D. program in Biomedical is an interdisciplinary program that accommodates all aspects of Biomedical Science in the broadest sense of the term.

Digital Forensics M.S.

The mission of the Digital Forensics MS degree is to provide a quality graduate education in the science and practices of digital forensics, and to prepare the students for digital forensics jobs and a lifetime of learning.