Areas of Research

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Our research interests cover all aspects of chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids and nucleic acids binding proteins. The following projects are in progress.

  1. Multicomponent sensors for nucleic acid analysis. This project aims at developing new hybridization probes for real-time analysis of specific DNA and RNA sequences. A multicomponent sensor produces detectable signal only when all sensor components form specific complexes with the analyzed DNA or RNA. In multicomponent sensors each constituent part can be designed to address a particular issue of target recognition. The high specialization of each component leads to the improved accuracy of genotyping for polymorphic sites, detection of folded nucleic acids and reduces the cost of multiplex assays. The sensors promise to advance molecular diagnostics of human genetic and infectious diseases.
  2. Binary reagents for DNA polymerase inactivation. . We develop two-component nucleotide reagents for highly selective irreversible inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) reverse transcriptase (RT). The approach promises to deliver new type of efficient and side effect-free anti-AIDS drugs.
  3. DNA logic circuits. DNA-based molecular logic gates that can be used in the first DNA-based computer processor are under investigation. The main advantage of the gate design is the possibility to connect logic units in complex circuits at the molecular level.