National Center for Forensic Science

Baudelet Group

Dr. Matthieu Baudelet
Assistant Professor, NCFS
Assistant Professor, Chemistry


FRONT ROW (left to right): Jessica Chappell (Ph.D. – Chemistry), Brynnae Williams (Undergraduate – Biology), Brandy Voyer (Master – Forensic), Kelsi Kuehn (Undergraduate – Anthropology), Maria Andreoli (Undergraduate – Biology)

BACK ROW (left to right): Spencer Dalrymple (Undergraduate – Chemistry/Information Technology), Bryan McCullough (Ph.D. – Chemistry), Matthieu Baudelet (PI), Christopher Felton (Ph.D. – Chemistry), Mauro Martinez (Post-Doc)

Areas of Research:

Microscopy, LIBS, LA-ICP-MS, Instrumentation Development, Glass, Anthropology, Powders